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Welcome to my world of baking!

I am Savini Gauri, an aspiring pastry chef and amateur blogger. The first time I stepped into the kitchen and made my very first dessert, I knew it, that I belonged there. That is where I wanted to be. Then, as a little girl I grew up dreaming about becoming a pastry chef. 

I started out as a self-taught baker selling baked goodies from home. That made me understand the struggles of not having technical understanding while trying to nail a recipe. That is why I’m completely dedicated to providing well-tested recipes and sharing my learnings from this journey. Before I post any recipe I try it out in my kitchen a zillion times. This is why Savini The Bakeshop can b a trusted resource for anyone who wants to learn how to bake from scratch. In addition to the recipes, I also post helpful kitchen tips, baking basics, picture tutorials for recipes that will help you learn how to bake some of the most intimidating and delicious desserts. 

I was living the dream of becoming a pastry chef and was pursuing a culinary education. Then the pandemic hit and I had to put it on hold and return home. Once I returned, sitting at home (given the pandemic outside) was getting to me and I had to do something about it. That is when Savini The Bakeshop was born. I decided to start doing pop-up bake sales from home. These were limited menu and limited period sales. That kept me going for over a year. And then the second wave hit, and the country went back into a complete lockdown. Then I had to make the difficult decision of putting my sales and deliveries on pause to ensure me and my family's well-being. It literally felt like I was back to exactly where I was a year ago. 

Then I thought to myself, if I cant sell my baked products doesn't mean I can't share my passion for baking and pastry. Since then, I’ve written, experimented, tested, photographed, and published so many from-scratch recipes. I even learnt how to build a website and keep it running. 

I’m so grateful for my journey so far, and I sincerely hope Savini The Bakeshop will be your first stop when you need a recipe for any occasion.

I am thankful for being made a part of your baking adventures! 

Happy Baking!


About Savini The Bakeshop

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