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8 Essential Cookie Baking Tools

Updated: May 18, 2023

By Savini Gauri

Savini The Bakeshop. 8 Essential Cookie Baking Tools

As a Cookie Obsessed human, I believe there is not a single baked product that is better than cookies. Cookies are super easy to make (mostly) and incredibly versatile. Whether you're celebrating something or are just craving something sweet, Cookies are the solution to it all. In general, I am obsessed with all things cookies — So I figured let's talk about what we’re using to MAKE cookies. These are the tools that help to successfully bake Cookies.

Cookies are my favorite things to bake, so I have my fair share of cookie-baking tools. So I have narrowed it down to some very basic and essential tools for beginners (or someone not interested in spending too much) as to what works best– and, more importantly, why.

Let’s get started on my first post in the Back to Basics Series. And feast your eyes on these Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies (my all-time favorite).

Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Vegan Cookies. Ingredients. Almond Milk. Epigamia.

Before we get started, let’s review my top 5 cookie baking tips:

  1. Always Chill the cookie dough. If the cookie dough feels sticky or wet - just put it in the fridge. Chilling cookie dough helps prevent excessive spreading. The colder the dough, the more even the spread. Also, chilling help the flavors mesh well.

  2. Temperature is KEY. Whether it is the temperature of your oven, the butter, or the eggs being used. Follow the temperature guidelines correctly. Also, make sure all ingredients are at the same room temperature.

  3. Ignore the specified baking time. Every place, person, kitchen, and oven are different. Maybe it's hotter where I am. Maybe your kitchen is colder. Just IGNORE the baking time in every recipe (it's usually just a yardstick). Simply look at the cookies and decide. The cookies are done when the edges are set and lightly browned.

  4. Prevent excess spreading. Once the dough is chilled, work quickly. Also, ensure you follow the recipe temperatures precisely (after all baking is as much a science)

  5. Bake ONE batch at a time. You get the best possible results when the oven only concentrates on just 1 batch. Try to avoid multiple batches. But if you have to bake more than one batch, rotate the trays back and front as well as between racks (up and down). This helps in even baking and browning.

Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Vegan Cookies. Ingredients. Almond Milk. Epigamia.

Ok, let’s do this!

8 Essential Cookie Baking Tools

1) FLAT Baking Trays

First, a set of quality FLAT baking trays is a MUST. Make sure the tray has no ridges or patterns (the trays that come with the oven usually have those). If you are buying new trays try to buy lighter-colored ones that are slightly thick, As dark-colored, flimsy ones usually lead to overbaking and burnt cookies. Based on my experience I would recommend these Baking Trays. They are good for baking at home and can easily fit 6-8 cookies

***Remember, hot baking trays are a big no-no. Never place cookie dough on a hot baking sheet. Always keep an extra baking tray so you always have a room-temperature one handy.***

2) Silicone Baking Mat OR Quality Baking Paper

Baking Mats are one of the best baking tools ever. whether you are making cookies or thin cakes, it works like magic. Or if you don't want to invest in a baking mat you can always buy good quality non-stick baking paper (they're pretty inexpensive, but not sustainable)

Also, never apply butter, oil, or non-stick spray on the baking tray when baking cookies, it will lead to over-spreading of the cookies. I always recommend a silicone baking mat because they get a grip on your cookies, preventing them from spreading excessively. They also help in even browning. They’re reusable and perfect for roasting veggies, meats, etc... I have as many baking mats as cooking trays.

3) Rubber Spatulas

I don't think one can ever have too many. And nothing beats them (given they are well-made and sturdy) These are my favorite ones. From stirring to mixing to scraping the bowl clean, they can do it all. Baking or no baking, this is one tool I use every day for everything.

If you already own the basic ones, you can add these cute ones to your collection.

4) Cookie Scoop

Cookie Scoops are not just to ensure consistent shape, but also the SIZE. The scoop ensures even-sized dough. As a result, the cookies come out even-sized and consistently baked. They can also be used for ice cream, pancake or muffin batter, ganache for chocolate making or even icing cupcakes evenly. They come in multiple sizes. I have one of each size. So I would recommend this mixed set of cookie scoops. Cookie scoops are extremely handy whether you bake cookies or not.

5) Wire Rack OR Cooling Rack

When I take the cookies out of the oven I let them cool on the baking tray for 5-7 minutes. Then, I immediately transfer them to a wire rack to cool. Why this process? This process allows the whole cookie to cool down evenly and avoid soggy bottoms (of the cookies). I own a few of these cooling racks. They’re super affordable, get the job done, and last for a very long time.

6) Measuring Cups and Spoons OR Weighing Scale

All of my recipes will always have measurements by weight or measuring cups and spoons. There are some very handy yet pretty sets available in the market. I cannot even tell you how many sets I own. But this set is my favorite one.

Since baking is a science, it is always recommended to weigh the ingredients to get a consistent outcome every time. This is my favorite kitchen weighing scale.

7) Hand Mixer OR Stand Mixer

This is a must if you are as cookie obsessed as I am. If you're an occasional baker you can do it by hand. But if you intend to bake cookies regularly, it's worth the investment. I have this hand mixer and this stand mixer. I choose between them depending on the size of the recipe I'm baking. They are super convenient– and versatile too! When I'm working with any dough/batter that requires several minutes of kneading or mixing a stand mixer is a true blessing. They’re the perfect ones for a home kitchen.

8) Rolling Pin

This is a must-have if you want to make shaped cookies. They are usually a staple in most households and can also be used for things like crushing nuts or as a cheap substitute for a meat tenderizer. I highly recommend this one, it's inexpensive and sturdy.

BONUS: Cookie Cutter Set We all love those whimsical cookies in different shapes and sizes but always make sure you buy good quality cookie cutters. By quality, I mean sturdy and strong ones with sharp edges that cut the dough neatly. If you're starting out, buy these basic round cutters and then build your collection. Then you can buy these fancy shaped ones, like Christmas-themed, cartoons, etc...

Let’s bake some cookies!

Savini The Bakeshop

Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Vegan Cookies. Ingredients. Almond Milk. Epigamia.

Question: What are your favorite cookie-baking tools? Comment below.

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