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7 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

By Savini Gauri

Here's a set of 7 baking tins and pans every baker needs.

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs

As a part of my Back to Basics series, I present to you my new listicle. I am sharing a list of the exact baking pins and pans I use in my kitchen and would happily recommend them to any fellow baker - beginner or professional. These are the basic tins and pans that I find myself using the most, and are versatile and are also good value for money. I use these 7 baking tins and pans more than anything. I aim to help you bake with the most reliable tools I know of. In my opinion, the tools used are as important as the ingredients used to make the recipe. I own a few different brands so I can happily provide options at different price points.

Before we get started, feast your eyes on this Cheese & Chive Pull-Apart Bread (I'm literally drooling as I write this).

Cheese & Chive Pull Apart Bread

Before I dive into the list of baking tins and pans every baker needs. Let's go through my top 5 rules of baking that you need to know to make the most out of these baking tins and pans.

  1. Measure! Measure! Measure!. Never bake without measuring your ingredients. Baking is first a science, then anything else. Plus measuring helps you get consistent results.

  2. Temperature is KEY. Whether it is the temperature of your oven, or the butter, or the eggs being used. Follow the temperature guidelines correctly. Also, make sure if the recipe calls for room temperature ingredients, then your ingredients must be at room temperature.

  3. Ignore the specified baking time. Every place, person, kitchen and oven are different. Maybe it's hotter where I am. Maybe your kitchen is colder. Just IGNORE the baking time in every recipe (it's usually just a yardstick). Simply look at the final product and decide. decide based on what is in front of you.

  4. Keep the oven closed. If you don't have to change racks or turn anything, never open the oven in the middle of baking. It causes all the heat to escape creating a sudden change in temperature resulting in an uneven bake.

  5. Read the WHOLE recipe before you begin. Make it a habit. Go through the whole recipe and ensure you understand all the steps properly and have all the ingredients available. It's a total bummer if you realise mid-process that you are short of something.

I present to you my list of baking tins and pans that have always felt like a true blessing to have in my kitchen.


I have been using this one for quite a few years. I fell in love with it the first time I used it. It is totally worth every cent and is of great quality. I would recommend you buy 2-3 of these if you plan to make multi-layered cakes. But if you are not a regular baker then I would recommend buying only one as it will last for a long time. They are perfect given how clean the cake comes out.

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs


A 9X9 inch square baking tin is a must-have. It is versatile and can be used for baking multiple things. From brownies and blondies to tea cakes, to dessert bars and even for setting no-bake desserts. Just make sure that the square baking tin has sharp clean edges and not rounded ones. These sharp edges help ensure that the corner pieces of your brownies look as pretty as the ones that are cut out of the centre.

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs


I recommend using a standard 12 cavity muffin tin. It's appropriately sized and 12 muffins are a minimum quantity you would want to make (in my opinion 12 is less, given how yummy muffins are). And if you like baking muffins or cupcakes often (of course you do!) owning two of these is a good idea. And if you're feeling adventurous then you can buy a silicone muffin pan as they are non-stick and everything slides right out and it’s dishwasher safe.

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs


I end up using my tart tin more than I use my cake tins and moulds. Somehow I love tarts and pies more than I love cakes. A 9 inch tin gives you 8-10 appropriately sized slices. Try to get a tart tin that has a removable bottom as it makes the tart or pie easier to handle and also comes out neatly without damaging the shell (because we all want pretty tart pictures). If you are a purist then you can buy pie dishes but the only drawback is that you have to scoop out the pie for serving rather than being able to cut neat and clean slices. You can always get pretty ones made of glass and ceramic too.

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs


I use this the most for making things like banana bread, pound cake and even quick breads. This baking tin is reasonably priced, non-stick, sturdy and durable. I would recommend having one. But if you have a big family or intend on selling the breads made in this tin then you can purchase 2-3 of these.

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs


These tins are mostly used for making cheesecakes. However, I find them very useful while baking cakes and breads too. Especially if I am making any pull-apart breads, cinnamon rolls or even dinner rolls these tins are ideal. These tins have detachable sides and are still leakproof. So they are perfect for anything that is supposed to be made in a water bath.

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs


This is a baking tin which you don't realise you need till you get it and realise how amazing it is. The discovery of bundt pans was just like the first time I started using rubber spatulas. I hadn't realised what I was missing out on. These tins can make any boring basic cake look pretty. The ridges the tin provides adds a level of elegance to even a basic pound cake. Bundt pans are also very handy when it comes to making stuffed bread rings (one social media trend that I actually liked). It gives the bread a very even round shape without having to compromise on the generosity of the filling.

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs

5 Useful extras (in case 7 didn't suffice)

  1. Flat baking trays for making cookies and galettes and caramel. These are very regularly used in my kitchen. Make sure it's not the one you get for free with your oven. Those ones are never completely flat.

  2. Rectangular pie tins are perfect for making pies and tarts like apple and berry strips. And in all honesty, they are easier to portion in comparison to round tarts and pies.

  3. A square tin for making flatbread loaves with toppings like focaccia. It's the perfect size and height to make such breads.

  4. A pretty glass baking dish is also a great thing to have. You can make baked bread puddings in it and make them look nice and fancy without putting in much effort.

  5. Ramekins are a great addition to your baking tins and pans. They are small and cute perfect for making individual servings for desserts like creme brûlée, mousse, soufflé etc...

I hope this list helps you get equipped with the right baking tins and pans for your baking journey.

Happy baking!

10 Baking Tins and Pans Every Baker Needs

Question: What other baking tins and pans would you recommend to your fellow bakers?


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